PayPal Account Sign Up Guide

For online businesses, Paypal term is of course familiar. While for those who have not, I need to explain here that PayPal is the means provided for the transfer of money via the internet.

Many online stores that accept payment via PayPal. Also Paypal is also widely used for payment of commission income from online businesses, some of which are Ziddu and Backlinks, and many more others.

Well ... for you who intend to build a business from the internet, then you ought to have been in the Paypal account. With Paypal you can send or receive money to / from anyone and anywhere is no exception in the whole world.

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In principle, Paypal is also similar to a bank account. When we register an account in Paypal, we will be given an account name (not like a bank account number). This account name is in the form of our email address, since none of the same email address is the same world, although the same owner.

Then .. maybe you think, how to take the money in our Paypal account? Is Paypal provides ATM? He ... 3x ... No friends, Paypal does not provide an ATM. So ... gimana how to take it? To take money from our account in Paypal, we first have to transfer to our bank account. This process is the term 'Withdraw'. Well ... then the money can be taken. So .. If you already have a Paypal account, you should also have a bank account in Indonesia. It's up to any bank.

From the explanation above, you might think doing must use Paypal, you can directly transfer money from online business via the bank? He ... 3x ... what if what you send money to the people of America or England? And you only have a bank account at BNI, for example. Of this fuss in the process of money transfer. Well ... at least, that's Paypal.

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OK I think a little explanation of the above can you get the hang of Paypal. Well .. The following will explain how to register Paypal account. Here's the steps for registration:

1. Please go to website
2. Click the link SIGN UP
3. Select your country, in this case Indonesia.
4. Next we will be faced with a choice of account types to choose from. In this case, please select PREMIER (PRIMER). With this type, you can send and receive money. While PERSONAL type can only send it, but can not accept the money.
5. Next, fill your personal data in the form provided. Fill with accurate data as possible. Do not forget to enter your email name. Email must be valid, because it will be used as your account name.
6. After you enter the data yourself completely, then your account is ready. But not active (verified). Well ... to activate your account you must enter your credit card data. So ... how donk if we do not have a credit card? Do not worry ... there are services virtual credit card purchases (virtual credit card - vcc) to activate specific Paypal account. One of them is VCC-Indonesia, why I strongly recommend the purchase of VCC-VCC in Indonesia? Here's why:

Safe. The purchase process through the VCC-VCC Indonesia is safe and there is no element of fraud at all. And the product is a legal and copyrighted

Trusted. You can trust the VCC-Indonesia because it was obvious who it is who has the purchase of services VCC (mas Hengky, none other than my own friends he 3x). One of the features in Internet fraud is the name of the owner of the site is hidden (not clear) and the lure of a price much cheaper.

Quick and easy process. The purchase process Paypal verified VCC and its very fast (in just 10 minutes or less) and easy, as easy as counting 1, 2, 3 ...

Support services. 24-hour support service if you have difficulty in the verification process Paypal account and always gives instructions verification steps when you need it.

Guaranteed. VCC you purchase through VCC-Indonesia is protected by copyright by the respective. So do not be afraid if the product is misused by someone or other parties.

Oh, yes, one more ... do not easily believe in programs that offer services similar to the purchase VCC with a very low price. Expensive and cheapening a product depends on the quality of product and service quality as well as the support. Indeed in VCC-Indonesia is a bit expensive compared to other similar programs that many scattered in Indonesia. However ... expensive a product must be balanced with quality.

7. Well ... after you buy VCC-VCC in Indonesia, you will be given credit number and the 3-digit credit verification code. Your next task is to enter a credit number and verification code to your Paypal account. The trick is to go into your account through the login process. If your account is not active, after you log in directly confronted with the form to enter a credit number and verification code.

8. Wait a moment, and your account will be active or verified. Andapun now can receive and send payments to the entire world with safe and fast.

And now, already present in the form of an Ebook guide that I wrote myself about everything about Paypal that contains:

1. What is Paypal
2. What Benefits Using Paypal
3. Paypal Working Principle
4. How to register Paypal account
5. How When Do Not Have Credit Card for Paypal Account Registration
6. How to Take Money from Paypal
7. How to Transfer Money to Paypal account Neighbor

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Recommended site: For those of you who want to know the ins and outs of Paypal and online business, please visit the blog mas Hengky (master of business online and paypal Indonesia, as well as the owner of VCC-Indonesia). There a lot of available articles and discussion around these areas.

Hopefully these guidelines help you so much.

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